About Ogmenta

From the industry for the industry

Based in London, Ogmenta is a digital media and technology advisory company. It provides a diverse set of services to select European and US start-ups and growth companies, as well as Corporate Finance and VC firms operating in the digital media and adtech space.


Sacha Carton, a highly respected digital media veteran, founded the company. He and his company have a deep digital media expertise. In the past 14 years, the expertise covers:

  • Product Development
  • Business Development
  • Corporate Development
  • Strategic Development
  • Business Planning
  • Establishment of new businesses  
  • M&A in Europe and the US


This experience has covered the areas of Display Advertising, Adserving, Real Time Bidding (RTB), Demand Side Platform, Sell Side Platform, Data Driven Targeting, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, SEO/SEM, Audience Measurement, and Mobile Advertising.